Brother's 21st Birthday

February 24, 2012 | |

My friend's brother turned 21. Really the only birthday worth celebrating.

Jumping pictures, always a must, but not such a good idea with a full bottle of beer....


February 19, 2012 | |

And the "Muse of the Night" award goes to...Michelle!

Palace Brunch: The Aftermath

February 13, 2012 | |

Hands down, the best brunch I have ever been to in my life is at Palace on 12th and Ocean Drive. For $30 you get 1) DELICIOUS food, 2) Unlimited mimosas from a wait staff that doesn't skimp on drinks, and 3) around 2 hours of lip synching entertainment from drag queens. Photoshoots on the beach after brunch have kind of become a tradition.

He's like a little fairy princess.